ILTA is the Voice for the Terminal Industry

The International Liquid Terminals Association is the only trade association that focuses exclusively on the liquid terminal industry.

ILTA represents companies and partnerships that operate terminals worldwide. Products handled by our members include crude oil, petroleum products, asphalt, and a wide variety of chemicals, as well as ethanol, bio-diesel, vegetable oils, molasses and fertilizers. Not a member? Join ILTA today to become part of a diversified group of companies that are leaders in the terminal industry.


ILTA terminal members serve the vital economic purpose of transferring liquid products from one mode of transportation to another. Terminal facilities are located at ocean and lake ports, and along rivers, canals, and pipelines, and they are a key part of the national and international economies.


ILTA supplier members provide a wide variety of equipment and services to liquid terminals and tank storage facilities. The equipment and services that these suppliers offer are invaluable to the maintenance of terminal operations and to the efficient, economical, and safe distribution of liquid commodities throughout the world.